Recommendation Systems

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Real-life Flickr dataset

Real-life Flickr photo annotation dataset (crawled on January 2012): download it here

Tag recommendation based on generalized rules (TR-001-2012)

Tag recommendation is focused on recommending useful tags to a user who is annotating a Web resource. A relevant research issue is the recommendation of additional tags to partially annotated resources, which may be based on either personalized or collective knowledge. However, since the annotation process is usually not driven by any controlled vocabulary, the collections of user-specific and collective annotations are often very sparse. Indeed, the discovery of the most significant associations among tags becomes a challenging task.

This research activity investigates the use of generalized patterns to counteract data sparsity in personalized tag recommendations. In the presence of taxonomies built over the history annotations, generalized rules may represent, at higher abstraction levels, correlations hidden at the level of individual tags.