Data Science And Database Technology (2021/2022)

Data Science And Database Technology (2021/2022)

General Information


CFU: 8

Professor: Silvia Chiusano

Teaching Assistants: Alessandro Fiori, Eliana Pastor

Announcements [dd-mm-yy]

28-09-2021 – Slides and other material used in lessons and practices will be made available here during the semester

Teaching Material

  • Course introduction: pdf

Part I

  • Introduction to Data Science (slides)
  • Data warehouse: introduction (slides)
  • Data warehouse: design (slides)
  • Data warehouse: analysis (slides)
  • Data warehouse: materialize view (slides)
  • Data lakes (slides)
  • Data mining process (slides)
  • Data preparation (slides)



Laboratory Material

The laboratory practices will start from the fourth week.

TEAM A (FROM A TO K) on Tuesday from 5.30pm to 7pm
TEAM B (FROM L TO Z) on Friday from 4pm to 5.30pm

Lab 1: Extended SQL

  • Text (pdf)
  • Data warehouse tables in csv format (zip)
  • SQL Developer is already available at LABINF. If you want to practise at home, you can follow these tutorials
  • Installing Oracle Database 18c Express Edition and SQL Developer
    • To download and install Oracle Express Edition: home page
    • To download and install SQL Developer: home page
    • Tutorial