Object Oriented Programming (02JEY)

a.y. 2014 / 2015


Marco Torchiano


Here is a list of the slides used for the lectures and the corresponding screencasts.
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Introduction to the course
Introduction to the course
3 March

OO Paradigm and UML
Presentation of the Object Oriented paradigm and UML notation
3 March

Presentation of the course, introduction to the Object-Oriented paradigm
3 March

The Java Environment
Java environment structure and components
4 March

Java Basic Features
Basic features of the language: classes, visibility, strings, wrappers (Updated on March 18)
4 March

Inheritance, Java Environment
OOP Inheritance, Java Environment: history and characteristics
4 March

Java Basic Features
Classes, objects, attributes, methods, constructors
4 March

Java basic features: visibility
Packages, visibility, getters and setters, String

Part of the screencast is blank due to technical issues
10 March

Java base: Wrappers and Arrays
Packages, Strings, Wrapper classes, Arrays
11 March

Example: Phonebook
Building a phonebook app in Java
11 March

Java base: Array, Static, String
Iteration over arrays, static members, String vs. StringBuffer
17 March

Design Patterns
Introduction to Design Patterns and GoF patterns
18 March

Java Inheritance
Inheritence in Java: extension, Object class, interfaces, lambda expressions (updated on March 24)
18 March

JAva base: static, inner classes; Design patterns
Static methods, design patterns, singleton, inner classes
18 March

Java Inheritance: basic syntax
Inheritance properties and syntax
18 March

Lab Assignment Solution
Lab University solution
25 March

Inheritance: polymorphism, dynamic binding, class Object
Reference polymorphism, dinamic binding procedure, class Object: toString() and equals()
26 March

Inheritance: class Object, abstract classes
Method hashCode(), abstract methods and classes, Template Method pattern
26 March

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