9:30 -- 9:35 Opening

9:35 -- 10:00 Keynote speech: “Good city life” by Prof. Daniele QUERCIA

10:00 – 11:00 Session I: Research papers

  • A cloud-to-edge architecture for predictive analytics by David Bowden, Angelo Marguglio, Lucrezia Morabito, Chiara Napione, Simone Panicucci, Nikolaos Nikolakis, Sotiris Makris, Guido Coppo, Salvatore Andolina, Alberto Macii, Enrico Macii, Niamh O'Mahony, Paul Becker, Sven Jung
  • In-memory Caching for Multi-query Optimization of Data-intensive Scalable Computing Workloads by Pietro Michiardi, Damiano Carra and Sara Migliorini
  • Structural Change Point Detection Using A Large Random Matrix and Sparse Modeling  by Katsuya Ito, Akira Kinoshita and Masashi Yoshikawa        
  • Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis Workflows for eScience by Khalid Belhajjame, Noura Faci, Zakaria Maamar, Vanilson Burégio, Edvan Soares and Mahmoud Barhamgi


11:00 – 11:15 Coffee Break


11:15 – 12:25 Session II: Research papers

  • Dynamic estimation for medical data management in a cloud federation by Trung-Dung Le, Verena Kantere and Laurent D'Orazio           
  • Exploring Task-agnostic, ShapeNet-based Object Recognition for Mobile Robots by Agnese Chiatti, Gianluca Bardaro, Emanuele Bastianelli, Ilaria Tiddi, Prasenjit Mitra and Enrico Motta
  • Gender Differences in Science and Engineering: A Data Mining Approach by Shivangi Chopra, Abeer Khan, Melicaalsadat Mirsafian and Lukasz Golab
  • Method for Comparing Long-term Daily Life using Long-duration Episodes by Takahiko Shintani, Tadashi Ohmori and Hideyuki Fujita   


12:25-13:15 Session III: Application/Industrial papers

  • Time Series Similarity Search for Streaming Data in Distributed Systems by Ariane Ziehn, Marcela Charfuelan, Holmer Hemsen and Volker Markl                      
  • Transparently mining data from a medium-voltage distribution network: a prognostic-diagnostic analysis by Matteo Nisi, Daniela Renga, Daniele Apiletti, Danilo Giordano, Tao Huang, Yang Zhang, Marco Mellia and Elena Baralis                         
  • Data Slice Search for Local Outlier View Detection: A Case Study in Fashion EC by Takumi Matsumoto, Yuya Sasaki and Makoto Onizuka            
  • Heterogeneous Industrial Vehicle Usage Predictions: A Real Case by Luca Cagliero, Dena Markudova, Elena Baralis, Marco Mellia, Elvio Amparore, Riccardo Loti, Lucia Salvatori and Luca Vassio                    
  • Adaptive Hierarchical Clustering for Petrographic Image Analysis by Andrea Pasini, Elena Baralis, Paolo Garza, Davide Floriello, Michela Idiomi, Andrea Ortenzi and Simone Ricci                        

13:15 Lunch

18:00 - 19:00 POSTER SESSION



The proceedings of the workshop are published online as volume 2322 ( of the CEUR Workshop Proceedings (

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