The DARLI-AP 2021 program includes two keynotes presented by leading data scientists


Miriam Redi
1) Talk Title: The Science of Knowledge Integrity – Research at Wikimedia

Talk Summary: Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the Web and a common source of information for many users. As an encyclopedia, Wikipedia is not a source of original information but was conceived as a gateway to secondary sources: according to Wikipedia’s guidelines, to ensure knowledge integrity, facts must be backed up by reliable sources that reflect the full spectrum of views on the topic. Although citations lie at the very heart of Wikipedia, little is known about how users interact with them, how contributors use them, and the overall citation coverage. This talk will see how machine learning can support knowledge integrity and help understand and monitor information quality in Wikimedia spaces.
Short Bio: Miriam Redi is a Senior Research Scientist at the Wikimedia Foundation and Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London. Formerly, she worked as a Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs in Barcelona and Nokia Bell Labs in Cambridge. She received her Ph.D. from EURECOM, Sophia Antipolis. She conducts research in social multimedia computing,  working on fair, interpretable, multimodal machine learning solutions to improve knowledge equity.

2) Talk title: Empowering commercial vehicles through data-driven methodologies


Talk Summary: In the era of "connected vehicles," i.e., vehicles that generate long data streams during their use through the telematics on-board device, data-driven methodologies assume a crucial role in creating valuable insights to support the decision-making process effectively. Analytics amongst all possibilities allows anticipation of vehicle issue, optimized maintenance, and lower Total Cost of Ownership. In this context, Stefano Salio (Data Analytics Mngr, IVECO Spa) and Emanuele Manfredi (Data Scientist Mngr, Accenture Spa) will present the joint research activities developed with Politecnico di Torino to design and build custom analytics services for commercial vehicles.

Short bios: Emanuele Manfredi: Took his MS degree in Statics and economics from Università di Milano Bicocca. He started his 10-year experience in real-world data from the telco industry, followed by 7 years in consulting industry applying data science in different sectors.

Stefano Salio: Took his MS degree and Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Torino. First industrial experience in mobile networks followed by almost 20 years in Commercial Vehicle engineering and business.


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