1st International Workshop on Data Science:
Methodologies and Use-Cases (DaS 2017) 
 September 24, 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus

 In conjunction with the 21th European Conference on 
Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS 2017)
September 24-27, 2017, Nicosia, Cyprus


Accepted papers


Research session I: Data management for data science
-- Efficient data management for putting forward data centric sciences
by Genoveva Vargas Solar (Invited paper)
-- Towards a Multi-way Similarity Join Operator
by Mikhail Galkin, Maria-Esther Vidal and Sören Auer
-- Workload-Independent Data-Driven Vertical Partitioning
by Nikita Bobrov, George Chernishev and Boris Novikov
-- Can SQ and EQ Values and their Difference Indicate Programming Aptitude to Reduce Dropout Rate?
by Juris Borzovs, Natalija Kozmina, Laila Niedrite, Darja Solodovnikova, Uldis Straujums, Janis Zuters and Atis Klavins.


Research session II: Data analytics for data science
-- Parallel Subspace Clustering using Multi-core and Many-core Architectures
by Amitava Datta, Amardeep Kaur, Tobias Lauer and Sami Chabbouh
-- Discovering high-utility itemsets at multiple abstraction levels
by Luca Cagliero, Silvia Chiusano, Paolo Garza and Giuseppe Ricupero
-- Automatic organization of semantically related tags using Topic Modelling
by Iman Saleh and Neamat El-Tazi
-- Fuzzy Recommendations in Marketing Campaigns
by S. Podapati, L. Lundberg, L. Skold, O. Rosander, J. Sidorova.


Research session III: Data science use cases
-- Fusion of Clinical Data: A Case Study to Predict the Type of Treatment of Bone Fractures
by Anam Haq and Szymon Wilk
-- Data Science Techniques for Law and Justice: Current State of Research and Open Problems
by Alexandre Quemy
-- Using Data Analytics for Continuous Improvement of CRM Processes: Case of Financial Institution
by Pāvels Gončarovs and Jānis Grabis
-- Towards a Data Science Environment for Modeling Business Ecosystems: The Connected Mobility Case
by Adrian Hernandez-Mendez, Anne Faber and Florian Matthes