Online workshop on Zoom:

- Have a look at the Facebook DARLI-AP 2020 page to see posters of the papers to be presented.


2:00pm - 2:05pm Welcome

2:05pm - 2:13pm Cross-Lingual Propagation of Sentiment Information Based on Bilingual Vector Space Alignment
Flavio Giobergia, Luca Cagliero, Paolo Garza, Elena Baralis

2:13pm - 2:21pm Culture-aware Point-of-Interest Category Completion in a Global Location-Based Social Network Database without Access to User Data
Nikolaos Lagos, Ioan Calapodescu

2:21pm - 2:29pm Forecasting Corporate Financial Time Series using Multi-phase Attention Recurrent Neural Networks
Shuhei Yoshimi, Koji Eguchi

2:29pm - 2:37pm AdsISee: Advertisement Detection and Tracking for Sponsorship Evaluation in Soccer Matches
Alexander Westermann, Philipp Krayer, Andreas Weiler

2:37pm - 2:45pm Exploring the Auto Model Competition Patterns in China's Auto Market based on Complex Networks Theory
Sheng Zhang, Haoyang Che, Jiacai Zhang, Yucong Duan

2:45pm - 2:53pm A Cognitive Automation Approach for a Smart Lending and Early Warning Application
Ermelinda Oro, Massimo Ruffolo, Fausto Pupo 

2:53pm - 3:01pm Regular Pattern and Anomaly Detection on Corporate Transaction Time Series
Francesca Soro, Marco Mellia, Nicolo Russo

3:01pm - 3:09pm Data-driven vs knowledge-driven inference of health outcomes in the ageing population: a case study
Davide Ferrari, Giovanni Guaraldi, Federica Mandreoli, Riccardo Martoglia, Jovana Milic, Paolo Missier

3:09pm - 3:17pm Machine Learning Supported Next-Maintenance Prediction for Industrial Vehicles
Sachit Mishra, Luca Vassio, Luca Cagliero, Marco Mellia, Elena Baralis, Riccardo Loti, Lucia Salvatori

3:17pm - 3:25pm GooDBye: a Good Graph Database Benchmark - an Industry Experience
Piotr Matyjaszczyk, Przemyslaw Rosowski, Robert Wrembel

3:25pm - 3:33pm A Balanced Solution for the Partition-based Spatial Merge Join in MapReduce
Sara Migliorini, Alberto Belussi

3:33pm - 3:41pm Question Answering on OLAP-like Data Sources
Nadine Steinmetz, Samar Shahabi Ghahfarokhi, Kai-Uwe Sattler

3:41pm - 3:49pm Reddit Mining to Understand Women's Issues in STEM
Allison Jacobs, Shivangi Chopra, Lukasz Golab

3:49pm - 3:57pm Evaluating espresso coffee quality by means of time-series feature engineering
Daniele Apiletti, Eliana Pastor, Riccardo Callà, Elena Baralis

3:57pm - 4:05pm Reddit Mining to Understand Gendered Movements
Abeer Khan, Lukasz Golab

4:05pm Closing

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