2nd International Workshop on
Big Data Applications and Principles


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2nd International Workshop on Big Data Applications and Principles
(BigDap 2015) 
September 8th 2016, Futur0scope, Poitiers, France

Accepted papers

  1. Cross-Checking Data Sources in MapReduce, by Foto Afrati, Zaid Momani and Nikos Stasinopoulos.
  2. CLUS: Parallel subspace clustering algorithm on Spark, by Bo Zhu, Alexandru Mara and Alberto Mozo.
  3. Massively Parallel Unsupervised Feature Selection on Spark, by Bruno Ordozgoiti, Sandra Gomez Canaval and Alberto Mozo.
  4. Unsupervised Network Anomaly Detection in Real-time on Big Data, by Juliette Dromard, Gilles Roudire and Philippe Owezarski.
  5. NPEPE: Massive Natural Computing Engine for Optimally Solving NP-complete Problems in Big Data Scenarios, by Sandra Gomez Canaval, Bruno Ordozgoiti and Alberto Mozo.
  6. Andromeda: A System for Processing Queries and Updates on Big XML Documents, by Nicole Bidoit, Dario Colazzo, Carlo Sartiani, Alessandro Solimando and Federico Ulliana.
  7. Fast and effective decision support for crisis management by the analysis of people’s reactions collected from Twitter, by Antonio Attanasio, Louis Jallet, Antonio Lotito, Michele Osella and Francesco Rua.
  8. Adaptive Quality of Experience: a novel approach to real-time big data analysis in core networks, by Alejandro Bascunana, Miguel-Angel Monjas, Manuel Lorenzo and Patricia Sanchez Cantin.
  9. A review of scalable approaches for Frequent Itemset Mining, by Daniele Apiletti, Paolo Garza and Fabio Pulvirenti.