Invited Paper


Semi-automatic de-identification of hospital discharge summaries with natural language processing: a case-study of performance and real-world usability.


Ioan Calapodescu1, Svetlana Artemova2, David Rozier1, Jean-Luc Bosson2+3
1 - Xerox Research Centre Europe, Meylan, France
2- Public Health Department, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Grenoble-Alpes, France
3- Laboratoire TIMC, UMR 5525, Grenoble Alpes Université / CNRS, Grenoble, France

 David Rozier

Presenter: David Rozier

After obtaining his PhD in Artificial Intelligence in the UK in 1998, and starting his career as a post-doctoral researcher in Healthcare Expert Systems, David applied his knowledge of AI and scientific computing in several fields and various environments:
  • From expert systems in the medical field, to intelligent dispatching for manufacturing plants, through simulation and prediction of ocean water currents,
  • From academic research labs to industrial manufacturing operations,
He is currently group manager and healthcare champion at Xerox Research Centre Europe, motivating, facilitating and synchronizing research and transfer activities related to healthcare.