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Bioinformatics @IRCC

Virtual Laboratory


Alessandro Fiori


VirtualLabBiological laboratories need Next Generation LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems). The virtual reality can improve graphical user interfaces usability and the computer vision allows improving the efficiency of laboratory data-tracking procedures. Interactive 3D visualization are very useful for real time representation of user activities and laboratory workflows.


  • This project aims at realizing a virtual representation of life-science working environments based on 3D interactive models. The main goal is to develop a prototypic application for user friendly management of complex and hierarchical storage systems by means of 3D realistic representation of the physical containers and their interactions.
  • The thesis aims at exploiting computer vision for sensors-based real-time tracking of laboratory activities. The main goal is to develop a prototypic platform for automated monitoring of interactions between users, instruments and experimental material. A virtual representation of objects and activities is also foreseen to provide intuitive and user friendly GUIs.

Applicants are expected to acquire the following

  • Database (relational, NoSQL, GraphDB) design
  • Web design
  • 3D models design and rendering
  • Sensor and optical systems management
  • Programming (Python, Java)
  • 3D object recognition
  • Motion analysis