Introduction to Databases

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General information



Weekly timetable

Type Day of the week Time Classroom
Lecture Monday 11:30-13:00 Virtual Classroom
Lecture Tuesday 14:30-17:30 Virtual Classroom
Lecture Wednesday 14:30-16:00 Virtual Classroom / In person
Lab Tuesday 17:30-19:00 Virtual Classroom
Lab Thursday 08:30-10:00 Virtual Classroom






The laboratory practices will begin on Tuesday, March 30.

 Group of Students  Day of the week  Time  Classroom
 TEAM A: Even Student ID 
 Tuesday  17:30-19:00  Virtual Classroom
 TEAM B: Odd Student ID
 Thursday  08:30-10:00  Virtual Classroom

Only for the first week, the Lab Practice for TEAM B will happen on Tuesday, March 30 from 16:00 to 17:30. There isn’t any change to the schedule for TEAM A.








To obtain the points associated with the home assignments, students must observe the following terms:

  • Complete all the points of the exercises in the homework text.
  • Prepare a file in PDF, DOC or ODT format with the solution of the homework.
  • Name the file as HomeworkN_Surname_Name_StudentId.XXX, where
    • StudentId, Surname and Name should be replaced with student information
    • the N character following Homework should be replaced with the number of the submitted homework (e.g., ‘1’ for homework no. 1)
    • the filename extension XXX depends on the file type chosen for the submission (PDF, DOC or ODT).
    • the DOCX format is not supported.
    • Since uploaded files are automatically processed, naming the file with a wrong name implies the cancellation of the related homework submission.
  • Load the file on the didactic portal (Portale della didattica) in the section Work Submission (Elaborati) before the deadline.
    • Multiple loadings for the same student and/or for the same homework are not allowed.
    • The upload date shown on the didactic portal is considered for the evaluation.
    • Since uploaded files are automatically processed, the upload after the deadline implies the cancellation of the related homework submission.
  • During the upload procedure a description (“Descrizione”) field is required. Insert the same name given to the uploaded file (according to the rules described above).
  • Only for students with no access to the course page on the didactic portal, the homework may be submitted before the deadline by sending an email to the assistant lecturer.
  • Discuss the homework with a positive evaluation on the fixed date (announcement will be published).



Homework texts

  • [Homework #1] — to be delivered by April 12th, 2021 (UTC/GMT+1)
  • [Homework #2] — to be delivered by May 3rd, 2021 (UTC/GMT+1)

Homework results