DataBase and Data Mining Group
DataBase and Data Mining Group

DataBase and Data Mining Group

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Recent Courses

Data Mining: Concepts And Algorithms

Data Science E Tecnologie Per Le Basi Di Dati (2021/2022)

Basi di dati (Ing. Gestionale)

Data Science And Database Technology (2021/2022)

Big Data: Architectures and Data Analytics (2021/2022)

Data Management and Visualization (2021-22)

Data Science Lab: process and methods (2021/22)

Latest from Research

Posters at “Dati, AI e Robotica @Polito”

Several members of the group are involved in the workshop “Dati, AI e Robotica @Polito” held at Politecnico di Torino on September 29, 2021. Elena Baralis will give a talk on “DATI, AI e ROBOTICA: opportunitĂ  e sfide”, Danilo Giordano is in the organizing committee and Eliana Pastor and Giuseppe …
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DivExplorer is a tool for analyzing datasets and finding subgroups of data where a classifier behaves differently than on the overall data.
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EBAnO – Explaining BlAck-box mOdels

EBAnO (Explaining BlAck-box mOdels) is a wide research project focused on the explanation of Deep Convolutional Artificial Intelligence (xAI) models.
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