DataBase and Data Mining Group


Computer Engineering

Data Science and Engineering

Master Degree

Data management and visualization Prof. D. Apiletti

Data Science Lab: Process And Methods Prof. E. Baralis

Distributed architectures for big data processing and analytics Prof. P. Garza

Industrial Engineering and Management

Master Degree

Business intelligence per Big Data Prof. E. Pastor

Bachelor Degree

Basi di dati Prof. L. Cagliero & L. Farinetti

Industrial Production Engineering

Bachelor Degree

Basi Di Dati e Sistemi Informativi Aziendali Prof. V. Gatteschi

ICT for Smart Societies

Master Degree

Big data for internet applications Prof. P. Garza

Digital Skills for Sustainable Societal Transitions

Master Degree

Database systems Prof. S. Chiusano

Environmental and Land Engineering, Chemical and Sustainable Processes Engineering, Energy and Nuclear Engineering

Master Degree

Data science and machine learning for engineering applications Prof. T. Cerquitelli

PhD Courses

Data mining: concepts and algorithms Prof. E. Pastor

Text mining and analytics Prof. L. Cagliero