Database systems

Database systems

General Information

  • Professor: Silvia Chiusano
  • Teaching Assistant: Alessandro Fiori

Teaching Material

  • Course introduction (slides)
  • Database introduction (slides)
  • Relational model (slides)
  • SQL
  • Relational database design
    • Conceptual design: ER diagram (slides)
    • Restructuring ER diagram (slides)
    • Logical design (slides) [updated on 10/4/2022]
  • Google Data Studio: Video tutorials available on youtube channel
  • Business Intelligence



Design of a relational database


Exam simulation

Laboratory Material

Practice #1, Practice #2 (SQL queries on an Oracle database) 

  • DB script (sql)
  • Installation guides, to work on the lab practices. We suggest to use Oracle APEX cloud service. We provide also the guide to install the oracle software on your PC. Follow one of the two guides below
    • Using Oracle APEX online (guide)
    • Installing Oracle Database and Oracle sql Developer on PC (guide)
  • Practice #1: Text (pdf), draft solution (pdf)
  • Practice #2: Text (pdf), draft solution (pdf)

Practice #3, Practice#4 (Google Data studio)

  • Google Data Studio: Video tutorials available on youtube channel
  • Practice #3: Text (pdf)
  • Practice #4: Text (pdf)


  • Homework presentation and time schedule (slides)
  • Homework #1 (deadline June 5, 2022)
  • Homework #2 (deadline June 7, 2022 NEW DEADLINE June 13, 2022):
    • Group list: available on Didactic Portal
    • Proposed projects on database design:
      • Bank activities (pdf)
      • Comic books publishing house (pdf)
      • Cooking school (pdf)
      • Museum (pdf)
      • Real Estate Agency (pdf)
    • Each group will be assigned one of the proposed projects
      • each group must send the ordered list of preferences for the proposed projects by 22-05-2022 to
      • One project will be assigned to each group by considering the arrival order of requests and preferences expressed
      • From Monday 23-05-2022, lesson on room 5T at 10:00, groups can start working on the assigned project (step #1: database design)