DataBase and Data Mining Group


Computer Engineering

Data Science and Engineering

Master degree

Data management and visualization Prof. D. Apiletti

Data Science Lab: Process And Methods Prof. E. Baralis

Distributed architectures for big data processing and analytics Prof. P. Garza

Industrial Engineering and Management

Master Degree

Business intelligence per i Big Data Prof. T. Cerquitelli

Bachelor Degree

Basi di dati Prof. L. Cagliero & L. Farinetti

Industrial Production Engineering

Bachelor degree

Basi Di Dati e Sistemi Informativi Aziendali Dr. V. Gatteschi

ICT for Smart Societies

Master degree

Big data for internet applications Prof. P. Garza

PhD Courses

Data mining: concepts and algorithms Dr. D. Giordano

Text mining and analytics Prof. L. Cagliero