Data Science Lab: process and methods (2023/24)

Data Science Lab: process and methods (2023/24)

General Information


CFU: 8

Professor: Elena Baralis

Teaching Assistants: Flavio Giobergia, Alkis Koudounas, Lorenzo Vaiani


Exam rules

The exam rules for the A.Y. 2023/24 are available here.

Written Exams

In this section, you will find the results of the written tests — good luck!

  • Winter Session # 1
  • Winter Session # 2
  • Summer Session
  • Fall Session


Exam SessionAssignmentResultsExample Report *

* Occasionally, we may ask students to publish here their reports in case of very good productions. They will serve as a reference for their colleagues.

Teaching Material

Data science

This section will contain the slides of the data science course.

  • Course introduction (slides)
  • Introduction to data science (slides)
  • Data preprocessing (slides)
  • Association rules (slides)
  • Data exploration, feature engineering and data visualization (slides)
  • Classification fundamentals (slides)
  • Clustering fundamentals (slides)
  • Regression analysis (slides)
  • Time series analysis (slides)


This section will contain the slides of the data science course.

  • Introduction to Python (slides)
  • Python programming (slides)
  • Structuring Python projects (slides)
  • NumPy (slides)
  • Pandas (slides)
  • Matplotlib (slides)
  • scikit-learn – classification (slides)
  • scikit-learn – regression (slides)
  • scikit-learn – clustering (slides)
  • scikit-learn – preprocessing (slides)


Other material

Laboratory Material

This section will contain all the material for carrying out laboratories. No laboratory will be evaluated and assigned a mark, so no laboratory will give additional points to the final exam.

Introduction to laboratories – pdf

* During this laboratory, we will set up Data Science Lab Environment, the online evaluation platform we will use during the leaderboard part of the project.

Team organization

Students will be divided into two teams, Team 1 and Team 2. Team 1 will attend the laboratories on Monday from 10:00 to 13:00 in LAIB3. Team 2, instead, will attend on Tuesday from 8:30 to 11:30 in LAIB4.

You can use the following rule:

  • Team 1 if your last name starts with a letter from A to K
  • Team 2 if your last name starts with a letter from J to Z