Data Science Lab: process and methods (2021/22)

Data Science Lab: process and methods (2021/22)

General Information


CFU: 8

Professor: Elena Baralis

Teaching Assistants: Tania Cerquitelli, Giuseppe Attanasio, Flavio Giobergia

Announcements [dd-mm-yy]

  • 27-09-21: buckle up, the course begins!
  • more exciting news to come…

Teaching Material

Data science

This section will contain the slides of the data science course.

  • Course introduction (slides)
  • Introduction to data science (slides)
  • Data preprocessing (slides)
  • Association rules (slides)
  • Data exploration, feature engineering and data visualization (slides)


This section will contain the slides of the data science course.

Laboratory Material

This section will contain all the material for carrying out laboratories.


Introduction to laboratories – pdf

In-classroom notes (aka Giuseppe and Flavio’s quick and dirty Python snippets to show something live during laboratories): deepnote

Laboratory #1: Python lists and dictionarieshtml
Laboratory #2: Tabular and textual datahtml

Team organization

Students will be divided into two teams, Team Orange 🍊 and Team Lime 🍋 Team Orange will attend the laboratories on Monday from 10 to 13. Team Lime, instead, will attend the next day, on Tuesday from 16 to 19. Both the lab sessions will be held in LAIB 3.

Sorting alphabetically by the last name, students in the interval [ABBAS, GUZZETTA] will be Team Orange. While students in the interval [HALEEM, ZU] will be Team Lime.

Since we know that some of you will have a non-stop 9-hours lecture day, we can allow a few team changes. If you want to change team, please insert your student ID in one of the two dedicated columns in the link you received via email.

However, we need to keep the two populations balanced: please do not request a team change unless it is strictly necessary.