Data management and visualization

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General information

  • ECTS: 8
  • Professors: Silvia Chiusano, Daniele Apiletti, Marco Torchiano
  • Assistant lecturers: Eliana Pastor, Moreno La Quatra, Diego Monti, Martino Trevisan
  • Exam rules valid for the traditional exam only, with students physically present.
  • New exam rules valid for the remote online exam due to Covid emergency (June-July-September 2020)





Data Warehousing

  • Data warehouse: introduction (slides)
  • Data warehouse: conceptual and logical design (slides)
  • Data warehouse: materialized view, ETL process (slides)
  • Data warehouse: analysis (slides)
  • Data warehouse: Extended SQL in Oracle (slides)
  • Data warehouse: physical design (slides)


Exercise  Text Draft solution
Extended SQL (Customers) text Draft solution
Extended SQL (Rentals) – updated 10-10-2019 text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (storehouses) text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (SearchingYourHouse) text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (Hotel chain) text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (Parcels service) text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (PC store) text Draft solution

Non-relational Databases

  • NoSQL introduction and document-based DBMS (slides)
  • MongoDB intro and query (slides)
  • MongoDB operations (slides)
  • Map Reduce (slides)
  • Distributed transactions (slides)
  • A NoSQL transaction design recipe (slides)
  • Distributed Data Management – replication, CAP, and conflicts (slides)
  • NoSQL design (slides)
  • NoSQL design – Part 2 (slides)
  • NoSQL design – Part 3 (slides)

Data Visualization

  • Data Visualization (slides)
  • Visual perception (slides)
  • Graph Construction (slides)
  • Data Quality (slides)
  • Examples:
    • Basic use of Tableau (zip)
    • Use of Tableau (Lab 6) (zip)
    • Geographical data in Tableau (zip)


Laboratory practice

Practice in Lab starts on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019. There will be NO practice before.

Since Oct 23rd, all Wednesdays from 13:00 to 14:30 at Labinf there will be a new practice with assistant lecturers.

Students must own an active account to access the Labinf (see registration instructions on Labinf website).

Lab 1: Extended SQL

    • Data warehouse tables in csv format (zip)
      • to import tables using Oracle SQL Developer: Import data (right click on “Tables” of “Connection” Tab)
      • (alternatively) to import tables from the Oracle XE Web interface: select Home>Utilities>Data Load/Unload>Load>Load Text Data->)
  • Installing Oracle 11g Express Edition at home
  • LABINF – Oracle SQL Developer English language: RUN (cmd), “%APPDATA%\sqldeveloper“, folder of the Oracle version (19.1.0), Add “addVMOption -Duser.language=en” in the product.conf file
  • Draft solution of queries 1-5 and materialized view (pdf) and DW design

Lab 2: Extended SQL

    • Text – Additional queries   (pdf)

Lab 3: Data-warehouse analytics and reporting with Google Data Studio

Lab 4: NoSQL in MongoDB Compass

Lab 5: NoSQL in MongoDB

    • Text (pdf)
    • Collection (txt)
    • Docker (file) note: yml/yaml extension
    • Solution (pdf)

Lab 6: Visualization analysis

Lab 7: Redesign with Tableau

Lab 8: Visualization of a dataset

Lab 9: Intervals and dashboards

Lab 10: Geographic roles and maps

Lab 11: Exam simulation