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Part I

  1. Extended SQL (2 slides per page, 6 slides per page)

Part II

  1. Oracle Optimizer
    1. Baseline version (2 slides per page6 slides per page)
    2. Extended version with examples (2 slides per page,6 slides per page)
  2. Hints (2 slides per page6 slides per page)
  3. Documentation



Data warehouse

Exercise  Text Draft solution
Extended SQL (Customer ) text
Extended SQL (Rental ) text
Data warehouse design (Italian household) exercise
Data warehouse design (SearchingYourHouse) exercise
Data warehouse design (Hotel chain) exercise
Data warehouse design (Parcels service) exercise




Topic Team A Team B Lab Assistance
Practice #1: Extended SQL in Oracle  21/10/2018  25/10/2018 assistant lecturer

LAB SCHEDULE. To fit LabInf capacity students must attend all the course labs according to the following schedule (students are sorted in alphabetic order by surname):

The compliance to the schedule above is necessary to guarantee the feasibility of the lab.

LAB ACCOUNT. Please make sure to have an account on the LABINF PCs before the beginning of the lab practice (the accounts used to log in to the PCs of the other LAIBs are *not* valid). To register an account at LABINF, please visit the Labinf  website for further information.


Lab 1: Extended SQL


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