Data Science and Database Technology

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General information



  • [10/10/2018] The first laboratory will be held on week October 22, 2018 – October 26, 2018.
    • Laboratories will be held at LABINF (
    • Please make sure to have an account on the LABINF PCs before the lab practice (it is *not* the account you use to log in to the PCs in the other LAIB labs). To register an account at LABINF, please visit the LABINF website for further information ( 



  • Course introduction (slides)

Part I

    • Introduction to Big Data (slides)
    • Data warehouse: introduction (slides)
    • Data warehouse: design (slides)
    • Data warehouse: analysis (slides)
    • Data mining: introduction (slides)
    • Data mining: data preprocessing (slides)


Data warehouse

Exercise  Text Draft solution
Extended SQL (Customer ) text
Extended SQL (Rental ) text
Data warehouse design (Italian household) exercise  Remark: Write all queries from (a) to (f)
Data warehouse design (SearchingYourHouse) exercise


Exercises from written exams


Homework to be delivered