Data management and visualization (2020/2021)

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Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing exercises

Exercise Text Draft solution
Extended SQL (Customers) text Draft solution
Extended SQL (Rentals) – updated 10-10-2019 text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (storehouses) text  Draft solution
Data warehouse design (SearchingYourHouse) text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (Hotel chain) text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (Parcels service) text Draft solution
Data warehouse design (PC store) text Draft solution



Non-relational Databases


Data Visualization



Collection of exercises from practices and past exams. For doubts, question or reporting, use Piazza or write to

Data Warehousing




Laboratory practices

The laboratories will start next week (21 and 22 October). You are divided into two teams by the initial letter of your surname.
– Team A: surname in the range [A-G]
– Team B: surname in the range [H-Z]

We will have two laboratory sessions. Each team is assigned to one session as follows:
– Session 1 on Wednesday at 1-2:30 PM for Team A*
– Session 2 on Thursday at 4-5:30 PM for Team B

During this semester, the laboratories will be entirely virtual on Virtual Classroom. As such, we will record and publish each session.
During the laboratories, Piazza will be used as a support for Live Question&Answer. In case of pre-enroll students, send an email to to ask for joining.

Exception: January 6 there will be no lesson for Team A, it will delayed on Thursday 7, as follows
January 7 Thursday at 4-5:30 PM for Team B
January 7 Thursday at 5:30-7 PM for Team A*


Lab 1: Extended SQL

Lab 2: Extended SQL

Lab 3: Data-warehouse analytics and reporting with Google Data Studio

Lab 4: NoSQL in MongoDB Compass

Lab 5: Create a replica set and query a MongoDB database

Lab 6: Visualization analysis

Lab 7: Redesign with Tableu

Lab 8: Visualization of a dataset

Lab 9: Intervals and dashboards

Lab 10: Geographic roles and maps

Lab 11: Exam simulation Dataviz

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